NSW SOL Oct 2014 list


NSW is pleased to announce that the October 2014 intake for the Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) program will open on 22 October, 10:00 AEDT (UTC+11 hours). This intake will be open for 1,000 applications.

When the intake opens the link to the application form will appear on this page.

NSW is a highly attractive and competitive destination for skilled migrants. In 2014, NSW implemented a number of measures to maximise the 190 program’s effectiveness, flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of the NSW economy. This includes staggered application intakes and regular revision of the NSW Skilled Occupations List (NSW SOL)

NSW has modified the occupations eligible for nomination in the October 2014 intake. This is to ensure that the Skilled – Nominated program is a balanced intake of skilled migrants from a range of occupational groups that will meet NSW medium and long term skills needs.

Occupations listed below will not be considered for the October 2014 round of applications.

Occupations temporarily suspended from  the SOL for October 2014 intake
ANZSCO code Occupation Occupation group
221111 Accountant (General) Business & Finance
221112 Management Accountant Business & Finance
221113 Taxation Accountant Business & Finance
261111 ICT Business Analyst ICT
261112 Systems Analyst ICT
261311 Analyst Programmer ICT
261312 Developer Programmer ICT
261313 Software Engineer ICT
262113 Systems Administrator ICT
263111 Computer Network & Systems Engineer ICT
263311 Telecommunications Engineer ICT
263312 Telecommunications Network Engineer ICT


NSW – SOL 22 Oct 2014

The second round of applications for NSW State sponsorship for Subclass 190 visas will open on 22 October 2014 at 10 am.  NSW Trade and Investment has temporarily suspended some occupations for this round, in an effort to ensure a more equitable spread of occupations.

The suspended occupations are:

  • 221111 Accountant (General)
  • 221112 Management Accountant
  • 221113 Taxation Accountant
  • 261111 ICT Business Analyst
  • 261112 Systems Analyst
  • 261311 Analyst Programmer
  • 261312 Developer Programmer
  • 261313 Software Engineer
  • 262113 Systems Administrator
  • 263111 Computer Network & Systems Engineer
  • 263311 Telecommunications Engineer
  • 263312 Telecommunications Network Engineer


ACT SOL Update list 1 Oct 2014



The ACT Occupation List and 190 nomination criteria, has been updated effective 1 October 2014

Please read the nomination guidelines carefully as there are significant changes, including:

All occupations which were previously ‘limited’ are now closed.

Verification: you are no longer required to verify closed occupations.

Closed Occupations: Canberra residents and Canberra graduates are not required to be working in the nominated occupation as long as they are working in a skilled occupation (with ANZSCO skill level 1 to 4). However, interstate graduates must still meet the six (6) months employment in the nominated occupation criteria.

Overseas residents require close ties before applying for a closed occupation. The definition of ‘close family has been tightened to only include parents, brother, sister, grandparents, step parents, step siblings of the main applicant or spouse / partner.  

Assessment: The assessment of the application for ACT nomination will be based solely on the supporting documents provided at the time of application. Additional documents will not be accepted after submission The case officers will not be requesting further information. If the application is incomplete, or it does not meet the nomination criteria, the application will be refused.

Applications submitted and lodged prior to 1 October 2014  will be assessed against the August 2014 criteria.  Limited occupations previously verified will also be honoured as long as the applications are lodged within 14 days of verification.