Employing the assistance of My Visa Online can take the hassle out of the visa application process, and improve your chances of easily and cost-effectively securing the visa you need. Draw on our years of experience in Australian visa applications for the best chance to get the outcome you’re looking for.

We are the visa experts, and will help you navigate the often complex business of choosing the right visa for you and fulfilling all necessary requirements.

Don’t wait hours or days for an appointment with an immigration lawyer! We’ll help you make your application yourself online in your free time. You can ask questions online, and My Visa Online will reply instantly during working hours.

Don’t pay high fees to immigration agents and migration consultants! Do everything yourself with the aid of updated information on our portal. We offer with secure payment online, powered by ANZ bank.

Here are some of the areas where we have specialist knowledge and can assist and advise you:

  • updated information on assessment bodies
  • updated regulation on migration law
  • current assessment, sponsorship and visa application forms
  • a free online point test evaluation
  • in-depth guidelines relevant to your visa category
  • assessment of Indian qualifications to equivalent Australian qualifications
  • state and regional sponsorship guidelines
  • fee requirements for DIBP, assessment, and state sponsorship
  • IELTS requirements for assessment, sponsorships, and visa applications
  • DIBP-endorsed ASCO and ANZCO correlation

Contact us today to get your questions answered and discuss your particular needs.

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