Ministerial Intervention | Minister Appeal

An appeal for ministerial intervention can be lodged only if the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) has given a decision. This is because the minister for immigration and citizenship’s public interest powers need a review tribunal decision to be activated.

In some circumstances, the minister has a personal power to grant a visa. The minister can change a decision made by a migration review body (MRT, AAT or RRT) to a substitute decision that is more favourable to the applicant. The minister can make a decision to grant a visa even when the applicant does not meet the legal requirements for it. However, the minister can only change a decision when he thinks it is in the public interest to do so. A very high number of requests are made to the minister to use this power, but very few visas are granted.

The minister only intervenes in a relatively small number of applications, and for some applications cannot intervene even after a decision by a review tribunal. These include where:

  • the decision not to grant a visa cannot be reviewed by MRT
  • the MRT has sent your application for further consideration to DIAC and case officers have made a second negative decision
  • the MRT decision was made before 1 September 1994
  • the MRT informs visa holders the application is not subject to ministerial intervention
  • the application to the MRT is invalid

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