Peter Dutton’s Australian citizenship crackdown doomed after key senators pull support

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s controversial crackdown on Australian citizenship appears doomed, with the crucial Nick Xenophon Team declaring it won’t support the plan as it stands. The proposal, which passed the lower house, would introduce a four-year waiting period for permanent residents, tough English language requirements and a test on Australian “values”. But the changes are set to be blocked in the Senate by Labor, the Greens and now the NXT, which confirmed its position to Fairfax Media on Tuesday. “We will not be supporting the bill’s passage through the Parliament,” NXT senator Stirling Griff said. Mr. Dutton’s plan was “an attempt to fix problems that don’t exist”, he said.  We’re a nation built on migration and the envy of the world when it comes to a harmonious multicultural society. The system isn’t broken, there’s no need for it to be repaired.”

Senator Xenophon also confirmed: “We’ve got serious concerns about the bill in its current form.” senator Griff sat on a Senate inquiry on the proposed citizenship changes and wrote a report opposing most elements of the package, recommending that the bill not proceed.

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