Vetassess Skills Assessment Changes

VETASSESS update on application processes for skills assessments for general professional occupations
From 1 January 2015, VETASSESS is introducing a revised Skills Assessment process for general professional occupations. The Skills Assessment will include an assessment of the highest qualification level and the “date deemed skilled” based on qualification and employment evidence provided. This will offer a streamlined application process with one application form, a simpler fee structure and a reduced turn-around time.


The Skills Assessment criteria and the occupational groups (A-F) will remain the same. Applicants will need to hold a qualification which is assessed as comparable to the required educational level for their nominated occupation in a highly relevant field and one year of employment that is highly relevant and at the required skill level.
Additionally, based on the applicant’s qualification and employment evidence provided within the last 10 years, VETASSESS will determine the date at which the applicant is deemed skilled based on closely related employment

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