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If you are too busy to go through all the relevant guidelines, simply ask for a quote on our full service. With full service, everything is taken care of by our migration agent, who is an expert on visas.

All you have to do is provide us with your documents when requested, and we will take care of everything for you with our cost-effective and personalized service. Our hourly rate for full service is A$300.00.

The full-service covers of all immigration work conducted, from the initial consultation until the visa application is decided. Our initial consultation fee of A$100.00 (inclusive of GST) will be deducted from the costs of our full service if you proceed with the application.

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Want to do everything yourself? Just need the right guidance? This is the right option for you.

Before you lodge for your SkillSelect invitation, get complete information online about skill assessment, state sponsorship, regional sponsorship, employer sponsorship skilled occupation list, IELTS requirements and pass marks,

All of this is just AUD 300.00 including GST and merchant fees.


Following is the list of our service charges we charge apart from DHA fee or skill assessment fee

Australian Skill Immigration Service Fee Non Refund
First Consultation $100.00 $100.00
Graduate Temporary Visa $500 $500
Expression of Interest $500 $500
Skill Independent $2000 $2000
Skill Family Sponsored $2000 $2000
Skill State or Regional Sponsored $2000 $2000

Australian Student VISA Service Fee Non Refund
Student Extension Visa Onshore $300.00 $300.00
Initial Student Visa Offshore $500.00 $500.00
Student Dependant Onshore $500.00 $500.00
Student Dependant Offshore $500.00 $500.00
Change from provider $200.00 $200.00

Australian Family Migration Service Fee Non Refund
Spouse Migration Onshore $2000.00 $2000.00
Spouse Migration Offshore $2000.00 $2000.00
Carer - -
Child Migration $1000.00 $1000.00
Aged Dependant - -

Australian Temporary Visa Service Fee Non Refund
Business Short Stay $500.00 $500.00
Employer Sponosred Work Visa $4000.00 $4000.00
Tourist $300.00 $300.00
Visitor visa extension $500.00 $500.00
Sponsored visitor visa $500.00 $500.00
Bridging visa B $100.00 $100.00

Migration Review Tribunal Service Fee Non Refund
MRT Student Applications $2000.00 $2000.00
MRT Business Applications $2000.00 $2000.00
MRT Family Applications $2000.00 $2000.00
MRT Skill Applications $2000.00 $2000.00

Australian Employer Sponsored Service Fee Non Refund
Employer Nomination Scheme $4000.00 $4000.00
Regional Employer Scheme $4000.00 $4000.00

Refund Policy If withdrawn or terminated the services with us or at DHA at the beginning or after the contract signed MY VISA ONLINE will not refund any money whatever is paid at any circumstances. If the amount is not paid then MY VISA ONLINE shall invoice at AUD$300.00 per hour or undertakes to deduct AU$ 100% of the contract value as an administration fee, whichever is higher depending upon the situation and it is discretion to MY VISA ONLINE. If it is withdrawn after assessment lodgement or visa application lodgement then there will be no refund at any circumstances arises. MY VISA ONLINE charges 300.00 A$ at an hourly rate OR Contract value whichever is higher. If your application is been queued for two years from the date of signing this contract, then there would additional annual file maintenance fee which is capped 500.00 A$. Also during the process, your application if any family members are included or excluded after the lodgement and before the decision of your application then additional fee 300.00 A$ will be charged