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Do you want to build a career and life in Australia? We are certified Melbourne Visa Agents who helped thousands of individuals and families settle in Australia.

Australia is a great place to finding work, moving abroad can dramatically improve not just the migrant’s life but also that of their family and parents. With our comprehensive overseas career solutions, we are the right choice for professionals seeking to work in Australia.

Don’t want to spend high and want to apply your self, this option can save you huge amounts of money on consulting charges.

Use Our Zendesk Guide related to your nominated occupation

  •  Skill Assessment Guidelines | Forms | Fees
  • ANZSCO, ASCO dictionary with Caveats
  • An online points test to see if you achieve a pass mark
  • Your Occupation listing on SOL | State | Regional | Employer Sponsored
  • State Sponsorships Guidelines | Forms | Fees
  • Post Codes for Regional Areas
  • FAQ on Skill Assessments | States Sponsorships

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