Simpler visas

The Australian Government has initiated a range of reforms aimed at improving productivity and international competitiveness. An ambitious regulatory reform agenda is an integral part of these reforms.
As part of its regulatory reform agenda, the Australian Government has agreed to rationalise the visa framework to make it simpler and more efficient.
Specifically, the Government has committed to reduce by 50 per cent the number of temporary working visa subclasses by 2012 and to target a 50 per cent reduction in the total number of visa subclasses by 2015. This reform is being taken forward as part of a Better Regulation Ministerial Partnership announced by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Evans, and the Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Lindsay Tanner, on 4 June 2010.
Simplification of the visa framework will be undertaken in stages over five years and will cover all visa
groups, including:
• Temporary residence and visitor visas (the first visa group under review)
• Student visas
• Permanent Skilled and Business Entry visas
• Resident Return visas
• Bridging visas
• Family visas