Tasmania – the life you've been looking for

Tasmania – Australia’s island state – lies 42 degrees south of the equator and less than one hours flight from mainland Australia. Consisting of one main island along with an number of smaller, unpopulated islands, Tasmania is located in the temperate zone of the southern hemisphere and is a land of dramatic coastlines, rugged mountains, spectacular wilderness and sparkling highland lakes.
Tasmanians breathe some of the world’s cleanest air and drink the world’s purest water. Unpolluted coastal seas and rich, fertile soils enable Tasmania to produce some of the world’s finest foods.
Tasmania’s capital city Hobart, offers a diverse lifestyle with restaurants offering fantastic, fresh seafood and produce with a clear focus on gourmet living, friendly bars, and shopping, all within a short drive to some of the world’s greatest natural heritage.
With spectacular scenery, friendly people and relaxed lifestyle, Tasmania is the life you’ve been looking for.