In Australia,for your application to be valid, you must declare that you have a suitable skills assessment at the time of invitation.

You will need to provide a copy of this skills assessment with your application.

For medical and legal practitioners, we also accept the following as proof of a skills assessment:

  • full or unconditional or general medical registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
  • conditional specialist registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. This only allows you to practise in your speciality. You need no further training or supervision
  • admission to practice law in the relevant state or territory

Your skills assessment must have been obtained in the 3 years before the date of your invitation. If the assessment was for a shorter period, that period must not have passed.

If your skills were assessed on the basis of a qualification you got in Australia when you held a student visa, the qualification must be from studying a course registered on CRICOS.

Use Our Zendesk Guide related to your nominated occupation

ACS is the authorised assessing authority that undertakes skill assessments for the purposes of skilled migration. Our role is to assess the skills and qualifications of ICT professionals who are considering migration to Australia to work in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

This is an important role in Australia’s national interest, intended to supplement the Australian workforce with skills in areas of domestic shortage to ensure continued economic growth and enable the country to best position itself for continued prosperity.

Before you submit a migration skills assessment please review the Skills Assessment Guidelines on Zendesk for Applicants.

These Guidelines describe the eligibility requirements in applying for a skills assessment under the Migration Skills Assessment program. They do not provide specific information on migration or visa requirements. All enquiries relating to visa and migration requirements must be directed to the Department of Home Affairs.

We are MARA Registered Migration and Education, Visa Agents, can assist you for the skill assessment related matters to your desired outcome.


Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) is a skills assessment service provider specialising in assessments for people with trade skills gained overseas or in Australia, for the purpose of migration and skills recognition in four Programmes.


  1. Job Ready Program
  2. TSS Skills Assessment Program
  3. Offshore Skills Assessment Program
  4. Migration Skills Assessment

For Job Ready Program (JRP) is for international student graduates who hold an Australian qualification issued by a CRICOS registered training organisation based on studies in Australia.

It is a four-step employment-based skills assessment program that provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate that your skills and job readiness are relevant to your nominated occupation, in an Australian workplace before you apply for migration in Australia.


  • Step 1 – Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA)
  • Step 2 – Job Ready Employment (JRE)
  • Step 3 – Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA)
  • Step 4 – Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA)

Use Our Zendesk Guide to get more information and guidelines for TRA assessment.

VETASSESS full skills assessment involves assessing your qualifications and employment against the suitability of your nominated occupation. Qualification assessment involves assessing the educational level comparability of your qualifications on the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and determining the relevance of your qualifications for your nominated occupation. Employment assessment involves determining whether your work experience (obtained either in Australia or overseas) is at an appropriate skill level and relevant to your nominated occupation.

A positive assessment of both qualifications and employment is required for a successful skills assessment for migration purposes.

In order to know about the step by step guideline please, check our Zendesk Guide for Vetassess skill assessment.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) recognises skills acquired through formal and informal learning and work experience. The process assesses evidence of your competency to determine if you meet the requirements of the qualification, or units within a qualification.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) can be used to award a formal qualification or credits towards a qualification.

RPL can be done for following Qualifications-

  • Cookery
  • Automotive

The whole assessment process can be done in 4 steps. They are-

  • Stage 1 – Experience confirmation
  • Stage 2 – Demonstration of underpinning knowledge
  • Stage 3 – Evidence of required skills
  • Results

We are MARA Registered Migration and Education, Visa Agents, can assist you for the skill assessment related matters to your desired outcome.