Service Agreement

MY VISA ONLINE offers services on student visas, temporary visas and permanent visas to Australia for students, professionals and migrants. As a member of Migration Agent Registration Authority [MARA], we abide by the MARA code of conduct defined in Migration Act 1958,

The Administrative Fees charged by MY VISA ONLINE, is on the link The service fee charged for each stage soon after your application is lodged and payment should cleared immediately after lodgment and MY VISA ONLINE would not wait for the payment until departmental decision

If the client as withdrawn or terminated the services with us or at DHA at the beginning or after the contract signed MY VISA ONLINE will not refund any money whatever is paid at any circumstances. If amount is not paid then MY VISA ONLINE shall invoice at AUD$300.00 per hour or undertakes to deduct AU$ 100% of the contract value as administration fee, whichever is higher depending upon the situation and it is discretion to MY VISA ONLINE. If it is withdrawn after assessment lodgment or visa application lodgment then there will be no refund at any circumstances arises. MY VISA ONLINE charges 300.00 A$ at a hourly rate OR Contract value whichever is higher. If your application is been queued for two year from the date of signing this  contract, then there would additional annual file maintenance  fee which is capped 500.00 A$. Also during the process your application if any family members are included or excluded after the lodgement and before decision of your application then additional fee 300.00 will charged.

If service fee is not paid after service or during the service or before the service, then MY VISA ONLINE will forwarded it to Debit Collections and MY VISA ONLINE shall not responsible for credit rating or credit history of the client there after. MY VISA ONLINE is authorised to collect client money electronically via credit or debit card for the consulting charges or any government charges with respect to your application.

Our Services: Before you make a formal decision that you wish me to act, you are entitled to receive information about my services, professional charges and any other expenses associated with your application. I am a registered migration agent (MARN 2001/05419) and a member of the Migration Institute of Australia. This draft constitutes a formal agreement between us. You may wish to seek independent legal advice before agreeing to the costs we proposed to charge.

Complain Process: As a registered migration agent I am bound by ethical requirements in relation to my professional conduct. We enclose a copy of the Information on the Consumer Guide and Code of Conduct. This information is deemed to be included as part of this agreement. These attachments are available on our website

Code of Conduct: We fully committed to ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct as issued by the Migration Agents Registration Authority. This Code of Conduct is intended to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents by introducing a proper standard for the conduct of business as a registered migration agent and establishes the minimum attributes and abilities that a person must demonstrate to perform as a registered migration agent. We guarantee that you can obtain a copy of the code upon request. It is also available at and we maintain a current Professional Indemnity Insurance policy.

Commissions: MY VISA ONLINE may receives commissions for placing clients at various institutions or any extra services provided to you pertaining to your visa application. MY VISA ONLINE will accordingly receive a financial benefit in this regard. This financial benefit is not for the client and it will retain by us, we charge separately for the services for the processing of any visa application to Australia

Ethical Obligations: As migration agents we are bound by MARA Code of Conduct. We have already provided you with a copy of the Consumer Guide. This information contained in the Consumer Guide is deemed to be included as part of this agreement and disclosure statement.

Disbursements: You will be responsible for payment of expenses which we incur on your behalf. This may include DIBP fees, assessment fee, Tuition fee or Tribunal fee, etc. We shall advise you the approximate fee you shall incur before we lodge your visa application.

Our estimated Costs: It is not reasonably practicable to estimate the total costs. However, we have agreed to cap it at $50.00 inclusive of GST and excluding disbursements for the first consultation only. We will advise you of further costs alternatively check our charges on our site for each visa category, we charge as our service fee. We will ask you to pay an amount
in advance to into our trust account and we shall withdraw the money when we finish the work part by part. The account will be a tax invoice and briefly describe the work we have done with itemized account, If you need detail tax invoice with services provided, kindly request in writing before starting the work alternatively check online on our website with user
id and password.

Trust money: If we receive money on your behalf we will deposit the money into our trust account. Should we receive money into our trust account on your behalf we may withdraw that money for our costs and disbursements. If we receive money to be paid to a third party we will forward that money to the third party.

Progress reports: You may request a progress report at any time or you can log into our website with user id and password and check the progress online. We also send your progress on email and SMS whenever we work on your file

Engaging:  I will assume that you have engaged our service, to perform any visa application

Closing the file: Part 6 of the Code of Conduct registered migration agent has to keep the file for 7 seven years from last action, however as instructed by you we shall return the file to you, in seven days after decision is made on your file, thereafter we shall not be any responsible to any original or photocopy or scan copy from us. However if you pay 300.00 A$ we
can able to retrieve from archives files from third party

Ending our engagement: You may end our engagement by written notice at any time, on termination of this agreement, MY VISA ONLINE shall invoice the Client at AUD$300.00 per hour or 100% of the contract value, whichever is the higher amount. If you do this, you must pay our costs up until that time. Circumstances may arise (such as a conflict of interest) which make it impossible for us to continue to act for you. If this happens, we will contact you immediately. If you do not pay our account or if you fail to pay money in advance if it is requested, we may stop work until we are paid. If the account continues to remain unpaid we may cease to act for you. My services will be terminated pursuant to Part 10 of the Code of Conduct.

First Appointment Cancellation: We may cancel the first appointment due to other commitments or busy scheduled if cancellations happens, then we shall re scheduled the appointment on next business day or next available appointment and there is no refund for cancellation of the appointment

If we cease to act for you:
 we will not incur any liability as a result
 we will remove our name from DIBP record for further proceedings
 you will receive a final account which will include all outstanding costs
 you must pay our costs up until the date when we cease to act
 we retain the right to keep your documents until we are paid.

Refund Policy: MY VISA ONLINE will not refund any of the fees paid for first consultation or service fee or consulting charges when an application is rejected, withdrawn or refused or any other reason what so ever there is no refund By accepting this agreement, you consent to any variations in this agreement made by the Migration Acts, Migration Regulations, the Code of Conduct and Consumer Gide, and such variation is deemed to be included as a term of this agreement and prevails over any inconsistent terms.

I acknowledge receipt of the above cost compliance notice and a copy of the Information on the Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession.