408 COVID Visa
Work in a highly specialised job the work or activity must be non-ongoing

Short Stay Visa 400

This visa is for people who want to travel to Australia to:

do short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work
in limited circumstances, participate in an activity or work relating to Australia’s interests.
Generally the stay period allowed is up to three months but up to six months may be considered in limited circumstances if supported by a strong business case.

400 Shorty Stay

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  • To be invited, or supported, by the organisation you will be working for
  • Have specialist skills, knowledge or experience that is needed but cannot be found in Australia


400 Visa allows you

  • Stay in Australia while your visa is valid (generally up to three months, but up to six months may be allowed in limited circumstances)
  • Do short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work for which you were granted the visa
  • In limited circumstances, participate in an activity or work relating to Australia’s interests
  • Bring members of your family with you to Australia, if they meet the requirements for including family members in your application. Your family members will not be allowed to work in Australia.
  • Combining a holiday with your intended work or activity may be allowed if the holiday is of short term duration and secondary to the main purpose of your visit.
Occupational Training or Professional Development Visa

Training 407 Visa

Training Subclass 407 Visa is a short stay visa for people to undergo occupational training or professional development in Australia. The Training visa allows people to undertake occupational training in Australia to meet occupational registration or licensing requirements; to enhance for their Full Australian registration

407 visa is valid for stay upto 2 years. To work same sponsor in same occupation you have nominated and also maintain your health insurance whilst in Australia.

407 visa is lodged online and need Australian sponsor to apply for 407 visa. You can either be in Australia or overseas when lodging the application. Family members (spouses and children) can be included/excluded in the application.

COVID-19 economic recovery event

408 COVID Visas

COVID-19 economic recovery event for Subclass 408 visas . The aim of this new stream is to support and promote economic recovery post COVID-19.

408 COVID Visa


Applicants working in a critical sector:

If you are working in a critical sector (agriculture, food processing, health care, aged care, disability care, child care, or tourism and hospitality) you can apply for 408 visa up to 12 months

Applicants NOT working in a critical sector:

If you are not working in a critical sector then you can apply up to 3 months

Applicants holding 408 visa currently:

If your 408 visa is about to expire you may be eligible for another 408 visa if:

  • you wish to remain in Australia to continue working in a critical sector, or
  • you are unable to depart Australia before the expiry of your visa due to COVID-19 travel restrictions


Have evidence from an employer of your employment or an offer of employment. Hold a substantive visa that expires in 90 days or less, or your last substantive visa expired 28 days or less ago

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